Webinar Series 12 – Generic Pharmaceutical Product Development – A Bird’s eye view


#JKKN College of #Pharmacy organized #LearningNeverStops_JKKN – #Webinar Series 12 – Generic #Pharmaceutical Product Development – A Bird’s eye view on 22-05-2020 @ 9.00 am.hosted by the Department of #Pharmaceutics. Dr. Rajagopal Karuppusamy, Director,(Head) of #Analytical R&D,Nesher Pharmaceutical’s LLC, #USA was the resource person for the session. The eminent resource person involved in the development of generic and 505(B)2 products and had abundant knowledge in #GLP, #GMP, #HPLC, validation, #Regulatory Affairs, #formulation, #Technology Transfer, analytical methods development. He explained about the generic product, how is it differ from brand product and generic product development. He also highlighted material and source identification, #RLD characterization, reverse engineering, pre-formulation, prototype development, method development, development stability, pilot bioequivalence, #QBD, scale-up, and confirmatory of product. Around 250 staff, students, and delegates from other institutions and industries attended the session.


Start Time

9:00 am

May 22, 2020

Finish Time

11:00 am

May 23, 2020


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