Future of Pharm. D and its Job Opportunities

Future of Pharm. D and its Job Opportunities

Ø  Clinic Pharmacy Practice

Work with physicians and other health care professionals in medication therapy management-especially for patients with chronic diseases.

Ø  Community Pharmacy

Apart from dispensing of medications, monitoring patients for adverse effects and drug interaction. Pharmacists provide important counseling services also.

Ø  Home Health Care

Initially patients treated in a hospital setting are now receiving professional care in their residences through home health care. Here pharmacists monitor patients’ progress and adjust therapy.

Ø  Hospital Pharmacy

Pharmacists work closely with physicians, nurses and other health professionals for rational therapy and monitor and adjust patient medications as needed .Clinical pharmacists should be specialized in all areas of pharmacy practice, including pediatrics, critical care, cardiology, surgery, neurology, infectious disease, drug information and transitions of care.

Ø  Pharmaceutical Industry

The research and development areas provide opportunities for pharmaceutical scientists here they works in drug isolation, formulation, packaging, quality control of the finished dosage form etc.

Ø  Pharmacoeconomics

A strong demand for specialists comes from government agencies, insurance plans, managed health care organizations, professional health care associations, hospital administration departments, health care consulting organizations, pharmaceutical companies and international organizations.

Ø  Pharmacy Education

Teaching is one of the important area where the pharmacist can work after the curriculum.

Ø  Specialized Area Opportunities

Pharmacists with expertise in specialized areas such as consulting, legal practice, drug information, poison control and pharmacy affairs are becoming more in demand.