Alumni network and contributions


JKKNCP has a vibrant and active alumni network that plays a significant role in contributing to the institution’s overall development and success. The alumni network serves as a valuable resource for the college, offering support and guidance to current students, faculty members, and the administration.

Moreover, the alumni network serves as a bridge between the college and the industry. Many alumni hold key positions in pharmaceutical companies, research organizations, hospitals, and academia. They actively participate in campus placement drives, facilitating the recruitment of fresh graduates from the college. This collaboration enhances the employability of the college’s students and strengthens its reputation among potential employers.

Furthermore, the alumni network often organizes workshops, seminars, and guest lectures featuring successful alumni and industry experts. These events provide current students with valuable insights into the latest trends and advancements in the pharmaceutical field. The interaction with alumni who have excelled in their careers motivates and inspires the students to achieve greater heights.

The alumni network also extends financial support to the college through various initiatives, such as setting up scholarships, endowments, and funding research projects. This financial backing helps the college improve infrastructure, upgrade laboratories, and provide additional resources for the students and faculty.

Beyond these tangible contributions, the alumni network fosters a sense of community and pride among its members. They often come back to the college to participate in alumni reunions, annual functions, and other events, strengthening the bond between the college and its graduates.

In conclusion, the alumni network of the pharmacy college plays a crucial role in the institution’s journey towards overall excellence. Their contributions in terms of feedback, industry connections, knowledge-sharing, financial support, and fostering a strong sense of community have a lasting positive impact on the college’s growth and reputation.


Sl.   No Name Designation Role
1. Dr. M. Vijayabaskaran Professor Coordinator
2. Dr. V. Sekar Professor Co-Coordinator
3. Dr. S. Ananda Thangadurai Vice Principal Member
4. Mr. V. Venkateswaran Associate Professor Member
5. Dr. V. Hari Assistant Professor Member