Research Committee

The research committee of the J.K.K.Nattraja College of Pharmacy comprises highly qualified senior staff members with considerable research experience. The Research Committee advises on matters relating to the quality and standard of research being conducted at the Institution. It also encourages staff and students to come up with quality scientific publications.

To monitor and ensure the smooth conduct of research activities and ethical regulations at the J.K.K.Nattraja College of Pharmacy, the following Research Committee has been formulated:

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The key objectives and main functions of the Research Committee are as follows:

  • To identify priority areas for research in Pharmaceutical Sciences and promote research excellence at the Institution
  • To oversee the protocols for animal and human subject research with the help of the ethics committee
  • To monitor the progress and timely completion of research thesis work
  • To promote overall research activities and performance at the Institution
  • To encourage staff to submit research proposals to various funding agencies for external grants
  • To monitor the research performance of the Institution in terms of maintaining the research quality and outcomes
  • To encourage the staff and students to come up with quality scientific publications
  • To receive annual updates in terms of research outcomes and publications from all the departments
  • To ensure the smooth functioning of Research & Innovation activities at the Institution
  • To provide exposure to staff and students with regard to basic concepts of scientific research and communication by organizing seminars and workshops

Note: The Research Committee continuously monitors the smooth conduct and progress of Research Projects at the Institution.