At EGIs, the Department of Physical Education plays a vital role in fostering comprehensive student development. With a committed Director for Physical Education and a proficient team of trainers, our vision and mission are centered around nurturing the holistic growth of each student. Our multifaceted programs are designed to amplify not only physical fitness but also mental agility and overall well-being, ensuring that students flourish on every front.

Led by a dedicated Director and supported by skilled trainers, the Department of Physical Education at EGIs is an integral component of our educational approach. Our collective goal is to facilitate the all-encompassing development of students. Through a range of thoughtfully crafted programs, we strive to elevate not only physical fitness levels but also cognitive agility and overall holistic health. Join us in the Department of Physical Education, where your untapped potential is primed for success, both within the classroom and beyond.

  • The Department of Physical Education is a crucial part of the educational process at EGIs, supporting the all-round development of every student.
  • Our vision and mission prioritize the holistic growth of every student, with a dedicated Director for Physical Education and a team of skilled Physical Education Trainers.
  • Through our comprehensive programs, we aim to enhance each student’s physical fitness, mental agility, and overall well-being.
  • Join us at the Department of Physical Education and unlock your full potential for success, both in and out of the classroom!