Competitive Examination and Carrier

Introducing CEGC: Your Path to Success

We’re thrilled to introduce the CEGC, your Competitive Examination and Career/Higher Education Guidance Committee. Created to empower individuals aiming for excellence in competitive exams and informed decisions about their careers and higher education.


CEGC provides expert advice, resources, and mentorship for competitive exam success and informed career/higher education choices.


Exam Insights: Get strategies and study materials for various competitive exams such as TOFL, NAPLEX, IELTS, GRE, PEBC, GPAT, GMAT, CAT, CLAT, MRB/DI, JAM and TNPSC/UPSC
Personalized Counselling: Identify strengths, interests, and career paths.
Education Guidance: Navigate higher education options tailored to your aspirations.
Resource Support: Access study materials, practice tests, and references.
Skill Enhancement: Attend workshops for improved exam performance.


Dr. R. ARUN. M.Pharm., Ph.D. (Coordinator)
Ms. K.M. MONISHA, M.Pharm., (Co-Coorrdinator)
Ms. K.S. NIKITHA, M.Pharm.,
Our committee comprises experienced professionals and educators dedicated to your academic and career advancement.
Your journey to success starts here!