Department of Pharmacy Practice

Pharmacy Practice

The Pharmacy Practice Department at JKKN College of Pharmacy is dedicated to equipping students with the essential skills needed to excel in pharmaceutical care across various practice settings. Pharmaceutical care focuses on achieving specific, medication-related therapeutic outcomes to enhance the quality of life for individual patients.

Established in 2008, the Department of Pharmacy Practice offers undergraduate (B.Pharmacy), postgraduate (M.Pharmacy), and Pharm.D. programs. Through comprehensive education, the department instills in students the principles of rational drug use and fosters advanced clinical pharmacy practice. It is committed to generating and disseminating new knowledge regarding the safe, effective, and cost-efficient utilization of medications.The highly qualified faculty members of the department, known for their expertise and experience, engage in a wide range of activities to deliver exemplary services. These activities include operating a well-established drug information center, serving as a valuable resource for healthcare professionals.

The faculty members possess specialized knowledge in various areas such as Clinical Pharmacokinetics, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Population Pharmacokinetics, Drug Utilization Evaluation, Adverse Drug Reaction monitoring, Improving the Quality of life through patient Education, and Preparation of Guidelines for the rational use of antibiotics. This expertise allows them to undertake projects and research initiatives that contribute to advancements in patient care and medication management.