To avert any kind of malpractice by the students and maintain a strict vigil during the examination, the J.K.K.Nattraja College of Pharmacy has constituted the ‘Malpractice Prevention Committee’ to practice against malpractice of students during examination.

Objectives of Malpractice Prevention Committee

  • To oversee and monitor the conduct of students during examination.
  • To conduct enquiry /review on malpractice of students.
  • To take a disciplinary action for academic malpractice.
  • To make awareness among students not to indulge in activities pertaining to malpractice.

Key advices from Malpractice Prevention Committee for students appearing Examinations:

  • The candidate writing his/her registration number in places other than specified in the answer script is not allowed.
  • Any special marking in the Question Paper is not allowed.
  • The candidate communicating with neighbouring candidate orally or non-verbally is strictly prohibited.
  • The candidate should not possess any forbidden material in any form towards answering the questions during the examinations.
  • The candidate should not assist with any other candidates in any form towards answering the questions during the examinations.
  • The candidate should not reveal his / her identity in any form in the answer scripts.
  • The candidate should not indulge in canvassing either directly or indirectly for the award of more than the deserving marks in the examinations.
  • The candidate should maintain discipline and decorum during the examinations.
  • Bringing calculator or any other electronic devices, if not advised, to the examination hall is prohibited.

The Malpractice Prevention Committee has been formulated with following members:

Sl. No. Name of the Member Designation Role
1 Dr. R. Sambathkumar Professor Convener
2 Dr. V. Sekar Professor Member
3 Dr. I. Carolin Nimila Associate Professor Member
4 Mrs. S. Gomathi Assistant Professor Member
5 Mrs. P. Meenaprabha Assistant Professor Member
6 Mrs. B. Vasuki Assistant Professor Member

Frequency of Meeting:

The meeting of the Malpractice Prevention Committee is conducted a week and a month before the Sessional and Final Examinations, respectively.