Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The M. Pharm. program in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at JKKN College of Pharmacy is designed to provide specialized knowledge and expertise in the dynamic field of drug discovery, drug design, and research documentation. With a focus on emerging areas, the program equips students with the necessary skills to excel in the pharmaceutical industry.

The department is dedicated to delivering comprehensive training in innovative processes for the manufacturing of drugs and drug intermediates. Students gain hands-on experience in quality assurance using state-of-the-art instruments and technologies. Our primary objective is to foster expertise in hit-to-lead and lead optimization strategies, enabling students to contribute to the development of novel and effective drugs.

Furthermore, the program emphasizes the importance of innovative process development for the synthesis of drugs and drug intermediates.

Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to optimize manufacturing processes, ensuring efficiency and quality in drug production. Additionally, the curriculum includes comprehensive training in API handling, patent understanding, and regulatory affairs, providing students with a holistic understanding of the pharmaceutical industry.

By offering a curriculum that integrates theory and practical training, the M. Pharm. program in Pharmaceutical Chemistry prepares students for successful careers in drug discovery, research, and manufacturing. The department’s commitment to excellence and innovation enables students to contribute to the advancement of pharmaceutical sciences and make a positive impact on healthcare.