J.K.K.Nattraja College of Pharmacy believes in all round development of students’ personality in addition to their routine course learning activities. It targets to provide rich cultural experiences among students to appreciate the multi-cultural diversity of our society. The Cultural Committee provides importance to the cultural aspects of students’ life at the Institution. It has an experienced team of staff, who certainly believe that an Institute should have its equal share of fun and entertainment along with the regular academic teaching-learning process. The Cultural Committee attempts to identify the creativity and talents among students in terms of cultural activities. The cultural committee periodically organizes various cultural events around the year in order to enlighten the cultural activities and talents of the students.

   To ensure smooth arrangement and conduct of cultural programmes, the Institute has formulated the following committee:

S. No. Name Designation Role
1 Dr. R. Sambathkumar Principal Convener
2 Dr. K. Krishnaveni Associate Professor Secretary
3 Mrs. B. Vasuki Assistant Professor Member
4 Mrs. R. Elavarasi Assistant Professor Member
5 Ms. Manodhini Elakkiya Assistant Professor Member
6 Student Representative One member from each year Student Members

Key Objectives

   The Cultural Committee has been established at J.K.K Nattraja College of Pharmacy with the following objectives:

  • To provide a platform for students to go beyond their academic quest and explore their creative and artistic sensibilities
  • To contribute significantly in developing the artistic talents of students by giving them opportunities to show their talents in the extracurricular activities in cultural events
  • To bring limelight to the hidden talent of the students in cultural activities
  • To add flavor to the Institute by organizing various cultural events time-to-time
  • To motivate further the best performing students in cultural activities with mementos and certificates
  • To select the best performing students with high talents in cultural activities, and to encourage them in participating various inter level college cultural competitions

Roles and Responsibilities

   The following are the roles and responsibilities of the Cultural Committee:

  • To plan and co-ordinate for inter- and intra- collegiate fests
  • Responsible for selection of official college team to participate in inter college competitions
  • To plan and schedule intra cultural events for the academic year
  • The Convener of the committee conducts a meeting of the committee to discuss and delegate tasks
  • To invite the Chief Guest and other dignitaries for the cultural events
  • To arrange mementos for guests and prize/certificates for the participants
  • To document the achievements of our college team in inter level cultural competitions

Note: Our students enthusiastically take part in various intra- and inter- college cultural events and successfully win various prizes in recent years.