cultural committee

“Remember – Your Greatest Talent is much more Powerful than Your Biggest Fear: So Fire up your Talent”


The prime aim of the Cultural Committee is to motivate students to exhibit their creative prowess and break free from their hesitations.
To promote cultural diversity within the organization and the wider community.


Cultural committee is responsible to organise and promote all intra and inter collegiate cultural events in the spurring healthy competition and camaraderie among students.
The committee takes charge of conceptualizing, planning, and executing a diverse range of cultural events, performances and competitions.
Identifying and nurturing talent of students in different forms of art, such as music, dance, drama, literature, fine arts, and more.
To contribute significantly to develop the talents of students by giving them opportunities to show their talents in the extracurricular activities in cultural events such as Group or individual events.
To plan a Schedule of cultural events during the academic year and to encourage students to participate.
Organizing events that facilitate the exchange of cultural knowledge and practices among students from different backgrounds.


To ensure smooth arrangement and conduct of cultural programmes, the Institute has formulated the following committee:

S. No Name Designation Role
1. Dr. V. Senthil Principal Convener
2. Dr. Krishna Ravi Associate Professor Secretary
3. Ms. V. Thenmozhi Assistant Professor Members
4. Dr. N.K. Aarthi Assistant Professor Members
5. Dr. Aswin Sarath Assistant Professor Members
6. Dr. Revanth Assistant Professor Members
7. Mr. Dhanish B.Pharm Student Student Representative
8. Ms. Nivetha B.Pharm Student Student Representative
9. Ms. Shine Angel Pharm.D Student Student Representative
10. Mr. Sridhar Pharm.D Student Student Representative