Placement and Internship Opportunities for Students

The primary focus of JKKNCP’s placement cell is to bridge the gap between educational institutions and corporate entities. Beyond merely facilitating student placements, the placement cell actively engages in counselling students to select career paths that align with their aptitudes and interests. This personalized approach ensures that students are well-matched with suitable opportunities.

Working in close collaboration with various departments, the students receive support in identifying appropriate summer internship projects and placements. Through adequate training and guidance, students gain valuable skills and learn how to effectively showcase their abilities to potential employers. The institute not only offers internal training but also extends external training opportunities to students, empowering them to develop essential skills.

JKKNCP takes pride in its commitment to facilitating the recruitment process for all eligible students, ensuring they have access to prospective employers. The institute extends internship opportunities to students pursuing various courses such as B.Pharm, Pharm D, and M.Pharm.

For students opting for hospital internships, a special Internship Program has been designed to cater to their unique needs and preferences. This tailored program ensures that students gain valuable experience and exposure in a hospital setting, contributing to their overall growth and preparedness for their future careers.
Moreover, JKKNCP actively collaborates with various industries and institutions to create meaningful internship opportunities for its students. These partnerships ensure that students are exposed to the latest industry trends and practices, keeping them updated with the ever-evolving demands of the job market.

Committee members

S. No Name Designation Role
1. Dr. V. Sekar  Professor Coordinator
2. Mrs. M. V. Saranya   Associate Professor Co-coordinator
3. Dr. M. S. Arun Assistant Professor Members
4. Ms. K. M. Monisha Assistant Professor Members
5. Dr. R. Arun Associate Professor Members