1. Students  should  secure a  minimum of 90% attendance  to appear for exam.
  2. Students must attend the college regularly and punctually on all working days. No student should absent themself from the college without applying leave.
  3. A student who absents himself should submit an application in the prescribed form to their class in charge.  Students residing in the college hostel must submit  their applications with warden’s authorization.
  4. In case  of  sudden   illness,   the  application   should   be submitted  in person to the Principal along with a medical certificate as early as possible.
  5. If a student absent for a continuous period of three working days   without   leave   permission,    their   name   will   be forwarded  by the class teachers  to the Principal  to struck off from the rolls, unless he / she convinces  satisfactorily that their failure to obtain leave was unavoidable.
  6. Attendance  will be taken at the beginning of every period. A student who is not in the class when attendance  is taken shall be marked  absent and shall lose attendance  for that class.